Top 20 Trends of 2012

The good, the not-so-good, and the annoying trends that shaped 2012.

  1. Oxblood things– Brick, crimson, dark red whatever you want to call it. There was an obsession with this color in the fall.
  2. Leather jeans– “Leather pants are making a come back.” says my mother
  3. Peplum tops
  4. Military jackets
  5. Tuxedo jackets
  6. Coral lips
  7. Dip dyed hair– I hope this stays in 2012
  8. Wedge sneakers
  9. Flatforms– The lovechild of platforms and flats
  10. Ankle boots
  11. Bushy eyebrows
  12. Baroque patterns– Inspired by the 17th-18th century period of European exaggerated art.
  13. Pregnancies and babies– Beyonce, Posh Beckham, Alessandra Ambrosio, and the Duchess.
  14. Cambridge satchels
  15. Box clutches– Or I should say: Alexander McQueen’s Skull box clutches
  16. Lace gowns– BTW Temperley London makes gorgeous lace gowns
  17. Cats– I don’t know what people see in these creatures.
  18. Monster’s in Mulberry– This wasn’t a trend, I just loved this ad campaign (inspired by Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. Also, Maurice Sendak died this year guys)
  19. Stella McCartney for Team GB
  20. Karl Lagerfield

Eager to see what 2013 will bring? Me too…

Happy New Year!

Keep it classy ladies,



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