Style Groceries: Fall Trend Report

School is in session, the sub-polar point is on the equator, the trees are dying and the air is getting crispier by the hour. This means Fall! With autumn in full swing, its about time we put aside those summer trends and reel in the new fall report. This season, designers are inspiring us with exotic prints and sweater dresses, power suits and bold hues. It’s the fall of the fearless fashionista!

The Top Four Style Groceries (worth buying and adding to your own Fall 2012 collection) this Fall: 

1.Oxblood coloured things… Be it jeans or dresses, jackets or scarves, bags or neck warmers. Fashion know-it-all’s are raving over this rich colour.Photo- Pixie Market.

2. Ankle boots… Leather, suede, canvas. Grab them and go! photo-Alexander Wang.

3. Tuxedo jackets… They can add a touch of class and a dash of elegance to any outfit. photo-Stella McCartney.

4. Baroque accessories… This exotic print is inspired by the 17th and 18th century of exaggerated European art. Think Bach or the palace of Versailles… photo-Alexander Wang.

What are you wearing this fall?

Keep it classy,



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