Style Groceries: Red Carpet Essentials

Picture this: Its Sunday evening (tonight’s the Emmy’s), you step out of the limo wearing a sparkling silver evening gown. Your hair is curled and pinned up to the side in an elegant messy bun. Your wearing the earrings your grandmother gave you for graduation. Your eye makeup is stunning, (really bringing the colour out of your eyes ;)). Your lips are full and glossed up, but you should probably add an extra coat… but wears your clutch? and wouldn’t a ring look nicer with your grandmothers earrings?  And why does your head feel so heavy, how many pins did you put in anyways? And wait a minute, your nails, they’re so blah…

The same way food groceries are necessary for survival, style items are essential to an outfit. 

What style grocery would you need to finish your award winning Red Carpet outfit?

This gets me thinking… what would I wear if I went to the Emmy’s?

Keep it classy ladies,



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