Stella McCartney Autumn 2012 Collection Review

Stella McCartney’s autumn 2012 collection features her infamous oversized blazers and tuxedo jackets as seen last year in her autumn 2011 collection, as well as high collars, sweater dresses and genteel pants suits.There’s muted color blocked patterns in the dresses that elongate the torso and accent the hips, and the embroidery is very … Baroque-y.

It doesn’t appeal to me as just an autumn collection but more as a winter hopeful collection.The sheer sleeves are a great transitional concept between the seasons.And instead of an ordinary color palette of orange, brown, and red (which is what you would expect from an autumn collection) Stella went with a distinct palette of grey and blue, with splashes of pink.

This collection is clearly inspired by Stella’s recent Olympic sportswear line for Team GB, and is designed for today’s active women. One word to describe this collection: Vigilant.

Keep it classy ladies,


images: Yannis Vlamos/


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