Tips for being the new girl

I personally know how hard it is being the new girl/new kid in a school. I’ve gone to a new school since the fourth grade (I’ll be the new girl again in the fall for the start of 10th grade), but each year it gets somewhat easier to deal with. The key to meeting new people and making new friends is simply being true to yourself. Don’t become besties with people right away, scan out your options and choose your friends wisely; sometimes people make good first impressions but turn out to be lousy human beings. However this guide isn’t about them, it’s about you and how you can be the best new girl you can be, because you’re only new once…

1.Don’t have any expectations. It could be better or worse than your old school, but you wont know that until you experience it that first week.

  • Keep an open mind
  • Give people a chance
  • It’s your time to start over, and be who you want to be. Nobody at your new school knows about the old you (use that to your advantage)

2.People make decisions about each other within the first seven seconds of meeting someone*. In those seven seconds we are able to decide wether or not we like someone. Those first seven seconds are key! Don’t get caught off guard:

  • Smile at people when they stare at you
  • Don’t pout (it’s not cute) 
  • Make eye contact
  • Speak clearly, and don’t mumble

3.Look good, smell good, feel good. A dirty girl is not only unattractive, but she’s also unsanitary. There was this girl in my french class last year who didn’t bathe often, or even wash her clothes regularly, and she didn’t even care when people told her she didn’t smell too clean. Don’t be like the dirty girl in my french class…

  • Shower, wash your face
  • Brush your teeth, floss, swizzle some mouthwash
  • Wear deodorant, spritz some perfume, lotion your skin
  • Plan your outfits; even if you go to private school, color coordinate
  • Do something nice with your hair 

4.Don’t be a loner. No matter what size your school is there is always (at least) one person you can relate to and/or talk to, about something.

  • Step out of your comfort zone, and do something new afterschool
  • Join a club or two
  • Don’t be cliquey, be friends with more than one group of people 
  • Keep it classy! Carry yourself like a lady, and be polite.

* true fact that I read somewhere

Have you ever been the new girl/new kid? What helped you adjust?

Until next time,



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