The 2012 Fashion Olympics: Gymnastics

The following awards are presented to the two gymnast who displayed the most mod* styles in this weeks gymnastics events. Not for their leotards, not for their makeup, but for their earrings. Gymnast aren’t allowed to wear any outlandish jewelry but these two girls made subtle  style statements with their stud earrings…

Bronze goes to… no one. A lot of the gymnast at the olympics this past week didn’t wear earrings and for those who did, they were too small for me to see. However, Viktoria Komova (Team Russia) gets the silver  for her button stud earrings…

And  Aly Raisman (Team USA) gets the gold for her custom designed diamond, ruby and sapphire star-shaped stud earrings…

* modest

Up Next, Track and Field awards

Enjoy the games keep it classy ladies,



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