Style Groceris: Olympic Dreaming

For those of you who may be trekking through London, and backpacking through the UK for the Olympics I made a list of Style Groceries you may or may not need, whilst in the UK for the games…

A few things not allowed at the games in London this year:

  • noisemakers
  • “excessive amounts of food”
  • flags of countries not participating in the Olympics this year
  • strobe lights
  • tents
  • radio scanners
  • frisbees
  • roller skates
  • pets
  • guns
  • knives
  • gun-knives
  • knife-guns

I’m always looking out for you guys.

Enjoy the games and keep it classy ladies,


For those of us not attending the games in London, be sure to tune into NBC for the Opening Ceremony on Friday (July 27, 2012) at 7:00pm ET. Or you could watch the games live here…


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