Why Models don’t smile/Inexpert lifestyle advice from Rachel-Maude

Have you ever wondered why runway models never smile, and why they often appear to be extremely miserable? Is it the secret to the catwalk, a necessary component to modeling (along with height, and body size), or is it just a taboo?

Here are a few reasons why models never smile:

“lower status individuals appear to smile more than higher status individuals.”

-Professor Ketelaar

“high-status women apparently don’t feel the need to smile as much”

-John Tierney

“Although we don’t generally like contemptuous individuals, most folks admire higher status individuals and want to be around them. Thus, the irony is that higher status brands are creating a positive image -– high status—by using a negative signal (lack of a smile).”

-Professor Ketelaar

“An “absent, unfocused look” indicates that the model isn’t paying attention to you–she’s too important to do that, and she doesn’t have to hide her disgust or misery from you. If, however, you buy the product, you too can become enviable…One escape for a sick soul is materialism.”

-Johanna Lasic

“Runway models actually are told not to smile, to look serious, severe and aggressive. Strut strong, they are told. Wear these clothes with the confidence that people will buy what you are wearing no matter how expensive, or strange or well, downright unattractive they are. It’s just the traditional runway look.”

-Dr.Vivian Diller

And now for some Inexpert Advice (to be taken with a grain of salt, or sugar, or both) By: Rachel-Maude

If you prefer to come across as an over confident, high-status, superior human being, then I advise that you keep the delighted expressions to a minimum. When you don’t smile, you look more desirable. Don’t smile or grin, you can smirk though, that’ll really make people jealous.
To be honest, if models did smile on the runway, we’d all be a bit distracted from the clothing or products being sold.

Keep it classy ladies,


models- ASOS, BCBG, bootlovers.typepad.com, and stylecartel.com


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