In The News:Our Purses are Poisoned!

A recent study done by The Center for Environmental Health revealed that many of our satchels,handbags, and clutches contain toxic amounts of … Lead! Researchers say that plastic and vinyl purses are the most likely to be poisoned, opposed to leather or fabric purses.They also believe that neon and or brightly coloured purses may also contain very high amounts of lead. Out of the 300 bags that were tested, the highest amounts of lead were found in bags from : Charlotte Russe, Tory Burch, GUESS, Nine West and House of Harlow.

This got me thinking; Should I throw away all of my non-fabric bags and wallets for the sake of my health? Or should I just keep my bags, and take my chances with this deadly toxin? Yesterday my bags were my fondest accessory, today they’re a weapon of mass destruction   trying to kill me! poisonous.

Here’s the full report from ABC News Purses With Led…

Would you buy a purse knowing it could possibly kill you in the future? Would you throw away a purse you currently have if you knew it was poisoned?  

Until I watch the news again,



2 thoughts on “In The News:Our Purses are Poisoned!

  1. This news is somewhat concerning but I do wonder how likely it is to have a poisonous impact. I don’t know about you, but I don’t generally chew, gnaw or try to imbibe my handbags!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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