Mod Spotting: June 10th-16th

Trend spotting some modest ladies at the 2012 Tony Awards, the premier of ‘To Rome With Love’ at the 2012 LA Film Festival, and at The 2012 Scottish Fashion Awards …

Many were turned off by Amanda’s choice of attire for the Tony’s, some people said she looked tacky and her dress looked cheap.Personally I think she looked stunning in this dress, an acute reflection of Seyfried’s eclectic style. Her shoes, her accessories, and her makeup all matched each other. The dress is right at the knee and her cleavage isn’t spilling out everywhere, so I see nothing wrong with this outfit.

Amanda Seyfried-

I love the lace pattern in Alessandra’s dress, it’s so precious. It’s like a strapless peplum dress, an adorable tea party frock and my grandmother’s table cloth all in one. It’s beautiful, and I’m jealous.

Alessandra Mastroianni-Emiley Schweich/PR photos

I really like Alexa’s idea of wearing a light buttoned up blouse under an otherwise sleeveless sundress, but my favorite part of this whole outfit is the embellished collar and cuffs; charming and elegant.

Alexa Chung- Photoshot

I love the exotic transition from the bodice to the skirt; exotic because that top is made entirely out of pins.

Tali Lennox-

Modesty Policy Tip #2

Conceal your cleavage.

“We seek for the clean look, call it a wholsome look…” – Gordon B. Hinckley

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