Current Obsession: Wedge Sneakers

        I’m currently obsessed with wedge sneakers, they’re so much nicer than flat sneakers.I could be wearing printed jeans a blouse, and a cute cardigan with flat sneakers, and my outfit would be casually adorable, but if i wore those same printed jeans, blouse and cute cardigan with wedge sneakers my outfit just went from casually adorable do casually glamourous. And personally I prefer, on occasion, to be casually glamourous. There is a time and place for everything- a time for flat sneakers and a time for wedge sneakers- in the meantime, I’ll obsess over wedge sneakers. 

  1. Ash thelma black trainers
  2. Ash cool black wedge hi top trainer
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs calf dorada wedge sneakers
  4. Blink aeroo metal silver grey wedge sneaker
  5. Giuseppe Zanotti double zip wedge sneaker
  6. Nine West perri wedge sneaker

Stylist and Blogger Vanessa P. of keepin’ it classy in a pair of copper coloured wedge sneakers from Beryl.

Beyoncé in a pair of Isabel Marant black wedge sneaksers, from the “Love on Top” music video.

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