Spotlight Store:


     This month I’m shining the spotlight on, for their trendy fashions and urban hipster style. I shop Karmaloop for their unique array of women’s footwear, their particular hair accessories (especially the turban headbands), and their ever so stylish hand bags. I really like their prices too. I can get a pair of Ash Bowie Wedge sneakers, 2 Turbands, and a Hello Kitty studded bag for under $200, and to top it off, free shipping because I live in America. And if I were to use the coupon code  maudestyle* I’d get 20% off my whole purchase. 

Accessories Boutique Hello Kitty Studs bag in White
Ash Shoes Thelma Bis Sneaker in Coral Nappa

Gold Saturn Tropical Turband in Cowabunga


* yours truly is an official member of the Karmaloop rep team. So by using the coupon code maudestyle you can get 20% off the first purchase you make, and 10% off every other purchase. No need to thank me, but you’re welcome.


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