Spotlight Store: Lime Ricki

When it comes to purchasing swimwear, I always find myself  rummaging through the clearance racks and outdated shelves of my favorite stores,  most girls i see simply waltz over to the bikini section and snatch up the “cutest” one, while I’m left debating over buying the Tankini or the Monokini.Personally I don’t like bikinis, i don’t feel comfortable exposing that much of my body in public, beach or no beach. When other girls are worrying about whether or not there triangle top gives enough lift to their bosom, I’m worrying about how i can keep from showing my belly button.For those of you who feel the same way as I do, it is my pleasure to introduce to you all Lime Ricki Swimwear, they offer “conservative alternatives” to today’s swimsuits. To me that just means I now have a wider variety of Monokinis to choose from, and this makes me happy, and a little less anxious with the summer season fast approaching. Check out the rest of there line here at


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